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Following these instructions will allow you to provide a link to a File/Resource which is located in one site (Site A) to users who have access to another site (Site B).

To prevent users from getting 404 errors when trying to access the Resource, the Resource must be either set to Public or desired users must be enrolled in both sites.

Copy the URL for the Resource in Site A

  1. In Site A go to the Resources area
  2. Use the Actions drop-down to the right of the desired Resource and select Edit Details
  3. Toward the bottom of the resultant page the URL should be in a text box
  4. Select the entire URL and select the Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy the link
  5. Select the Cancel button to prevent any changes

Place the URL in Site B

The link can be placed in a variety of places in Site B including, but not limited to:

  • A left navigation item
  • An HTML page
  • An Announcement
  • A Calendar item
  • An Assignment
  • An Assessment

A left navigation item

  1. Go to Site B's Site Info > Manage Tools
  2. Scroll down the and place a check next to Web Content tool
  3. Select the Continue button
  4. Input your desired tool title in the Title field
  5. Past the URL in the Source field replacing the existing http:// text
  6. Select the Continue button
  7. Select the Finish button

you can re-arrange items in the left navigation using the Site Info > Tool Order

Another location using the Rich Text Editor

  1. Open for editing the HTML file, Annoucement, Calendar item, etc. so you can edit the text content
  2. Highlight the word(s) you would like to be the link
  3. Select the Globe icon from the rich text editor's toolbar
  4. Paste the copied text in the URL field
  5. Select the OK button in the pop-up window
  6. Select the Continue, Save or Post button to save your changes, depending on the tool

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