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Unfortunately, only the second presentation was saved.

Below is the text of the chat conversations during the first presentation, in Reed 101.


11:58:38 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Mitchell online
11:58:48 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : I can hear you
11:59:07 From Karen Holness : I love that you're using Zoom to demonstrate Sakai!
12:00:15 From DANIEL FILCEK : Hello
12:00:47 From Al Shaffer : Is there audio on this event?
12:01:08 From Rama Gehris : yes, but you have to choose it
12:01:13 From DANIEL FILCEK : Al there should be, I am hearing April
12:01:29 From Al Shaffer : Thanks Dan. I'll figure out why I can't...
12:01:51 From Rama Gehris : there was a window in th middle where you choose listen through the computer
12:02:08 From DANIEL FILCEK : Https://
12:02:38 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Thanks Daniel
12:03:17 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Can we make font larger on screen?
12:03:18 From Rama Gehris : how do you do that?
12:03:24 From Rama Gehris : mute, that is
12:03:36 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Lower left for mute
12:04:04 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama, you are showing as muted
12:04:30 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : If I go in and make changes to my current site, will they be carried over into upgraded version?
12:04:55 From Dianna Beardslee : no this is just a dev site, so no changes made in dev site will be carried over
12:05:29 From Dianna Beardslee : you can still make changes in Sakai12 site that you have been using, changes will carry over
12:05:41 From Rama Gehris : so, don't do any of your site editing bfore the 19th.
12:05:51 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Thanks
12:07:01 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama edits made at will be there after the 19th
12:10:54 From Karen Holness : So I can create a group there, or do I still have to go to "Site Info" first?
12:11:45 From Dianna Beardslee : karen I will ask April
12:11:57 From Karen Holness : thanks
12:12:07 From Rama Gehris : what is bulk edit
12:12:21 From Karen Holness : thanks
12:12:21 From Dianna Beardslee : site info
12:13:45 From Dianna Beardslee : Bulk edit must edit bulk creation but April hasn't learned that - in case you didn't hear that
12:14:52 From Dianna Beardslee : please mute your microphones
12:15:09 From DANIEL FILCEK : Bulk edit allows you to release grades from multiple assignments to students at the same time
12:16:28 From Rama Gehris : I've had the same thing happen to me!!!
12:16:59 From Rama Gehris : I've been looking for the exact conditions under which it happens, but no luck yet.
12:17:46 From Rama Gehris : I do have a macro to help you see when it has happened, e-mail me if you want a copy:
12:18:14 From Dianna Beardslee to John Dillard(Privately) : hi John - can you mute your mic? its Dianna here
12:21:20 From Rama Gehris : When the forum is locked, can the instructor now post?
12:28:11 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama - An instructor should be able to unlock the forum, if not there is a permission problem
12:28:53 From Rama Gehris : okay, I guess instead of locking you could just change permissions so that you can post while the students can't.
12:30:36 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama - Yes that should be possible
12:33:32 From Kristin Giammarco : Can students submit a rubric they populate themselves (in self-assessment)?
12:35:54 From Rama Gehris : to follow on to Kristin's question, can students assess each other from a rubric?
12:37:28 From DANIEL FILCEK : At the moment, only individuals enrolled in the course as instructors have access to the Rubrics tool
12:37:40 From DANIEL FILCEK : Instructors or organizers
12:38:11 From Rama Gehris : for quizzes, can you set a different rubric for different questions?
12:40:40 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama, I do not believe that you can have different rubrics for the same test & quizzes
12:41:13 From Dianna Beardslee : not that I have seen either, when assigning a rubric to quiz you can only choose 1 for quiz
12:42:35 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Can we continue to upload rubrics as PDFs independent of assignment?
12:43:01 From DANIEL FILCEK : Mitchell, yes
12:43:20 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Great. Thanks.
12:43:39 From francesgreene : The rubric is just for points - my instructor comments will be separate for text feedback? Or is there a place to type comments in the rubric created?
12:44:24 From Dianna Beardslee : you can type comments into the rubric itself for student viewing
12:48:13 From Rama Gehris : Once you publish if make changes, those changes still don't make it into the draft, right?
12:49:23 From Rama Gehris : What about the questions themselves?
12:50:02 From Dianna Beardslee : same - questions edited in published won't make it back into draft
12:51:32 From Rama Gehris : so, draft and published works the same way as the old working copy and published? Or is there something different (other than the name)?
12:52:32 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Can we subscribe to it?
12:52:39 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : Push rather than pull :)
12:53:24 From Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR : URL please?
12:53:28 From Rama Gehris : me
12:53:37 From DANIEL FILCEK : Rama - that is correct. Names changed, but they work similar
12:53:44 From kathleengiles : Bigger font April!
12:55:15 From DANIEL FILCEK : Mitchell, there is a “Watch the Blog” button
12:55:50 From Curtis Blais : Thank you!

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