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Teams can be used for collaboration between students, professors, and everything in between. The only thing you need to run Teams is an NPS username and password. You can post announcements to a group, chat, share files, and collaborate on files in real time.

To get started with Teams:

  1. Go to your NPS webmail at and look for the App Launcher in the upper left corner 

2. Right-click on Teams to open in a new tab. Teams will open in your browser.

3. You can continue to use Teams in your browser, or you can download the desktop client, which will run separately from your browser. To load the desktop client, look for the download link in the bottom left of the Teams window Follow the prompts and log in with your NPS username and password. 


4. Log in to Teams

Teams Tools Menu and Tabs

  • Activity - Shows you at a glance any messages, posts, or updates from your colleague

  • Chat - Anyone with an NPS username and password can participate in the chat tool

  • Teams - Any working group can request a team be created for them. Use the Teams tool to discuss, share, and collaborate.

  • Calendar - View your meetings, start an ad hoc meeting, or schedule new meetings

  • Calls - This tool can be used for video conferences with individuals or groups, and can be recorded for reference

  • Files - Share files and edit with colleagues in real time

  • Other tools can be added to this menu as needed

Downloadable Teams Guides

Thank you to LTC Craig Boucher for this great tutorial on Teams

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