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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform for your class, group, team, or department. It provides a workspace for real-time collaborations and communication, meetings, and file sharing.

Use of CUI on Microsoft Teams - From NPS Cybersecurity Director

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) CIO as the Authorizing Official (AO) for the network, a waiver to process, store, and protect CUI data, e.g., FOUO and Personally Identifiable Information, in Office 365 for Education Level 5 (O 365/A5) is authorized.

Appropriately configured multi-tenant public cloud service offerings (CSOs) protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data to at least the same extent as Impact Level 4 (IL4) accredited CSOs, as prescribed by reference (b).

Document (CIO Memorandum): Waiver for processing, storing, and protecting controlled unclassified information in Microsoft Office 365 for education.

Teams / SharePoint / OneDrive (Cloud side) are part of M365.

Creating a Team

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Using a Team vs a Teams Chat Group

Most of the time, you don't need to have a dedicated Team to collaborate with your group. If all members of your group are NPS account holders, you can add them to a chat group and collaborate easily. 

Teams Meetings

Recording Considerations

  • Communicate with students that classes will be recorded
  • Inform students of when you plan to start the recording for each class session
    • Note that Zoom and Teams broadcast a message to all participants when someone has started recording the meeting
  • Inform students of where recordings will be stored and who will have access to them

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