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  • Providing Collaborate Guest Links in Sakai
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The instructions below are only one way to provide Collaborate Guest Links to students in a Sakai site, other ways include:

  • Putting links in an Announcement(s) or Calendar event(s)
  • Adding URL's in the Resources area
  • Putting links in the Site Information Display area, the front page of most Sakai sites

To Create a Collaborate Links left navigation page

These instructions will assist you in creating an html page which can then be placed in the left navigation of a Sakai site.

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Steps to Create

  1. Create an html page in the Site's Resources area
    1. In any area of your site's Resources area, use the Add drop-down and select the Create HTML Page option.
    2. Input text which can be used to create links to your various Collaborate sessions and recordings.
    3. Save your text input and name the file collaborate_links.html
  2. Create links to Collaborate sessions and recordings
  3. Create the left navigation item to display that page



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