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  • Recording and Sharing Zoom from Box
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Please use the following directions to record your Zoom lecture sessions directly to your Box account

  1. Link to Box in your local computer file system
    1. Navigate to and click on Continue.
    2. Enter your NPS username and password to authenticate, and click on Login (click here for more information on your Box account)
    3. In the left menu of the Box files page, click on "Synced" or the down-arrow icon. That will direct you to a "Box Sync" download page.
    4. When you click on that link, you will be directed to download for Windows or Mac, depending on your computer type.
    5. Follow the directions to set up the Box Sync app for your operating system
    6. When complete, you'll see Box Sync in your folder list in your computer file list.
  2. Set up the Zoom app to save your recordings to Box automatically
    1. In Box, create a folder called Zoom. (Optional) Create subfolders within the Zoom folder for your individual courses.
    2. Open the Zoom software application on your local machine and go to the Zoom App Settings, then to Recording
    3. Change the setting for "Store My Recordings at:" by browsing and selecting your Box Sync 'Zoom' folder. 
    4. Repeat the process on any computer you plan on using to record straight to Box. 

  1. Set up a link to your Box folder to Sakai. 
    1. Navigate to Find the "Share" button to the right of the Zoom folder and click on it. Adjust the optional settings in this window according to your needs. 

      Optional Security Settings:
      Optional Security Settings- Use the "Invite People" box to enter the NPS usernames or email address of specific people you want to view. Drop down the "Invite as Editor" menu to adjust editing permissions.
      - Turn on or off the "Share Link" to enable or disable.
      - Drop down the "People in your Company" to choose who can use the link.
      - Drop down the "Can view and download" to set permissions for downloading ability.
    2. In Resources in Sakai, drop down the Actions menu and choose "Add Web Links (URLs)." Paste the Box link and give it a name. 
    3. Open the link you just created and click on the "Edit" button in the upper right.
    4. At the bottom of that options window, check the box to "Open in a new window." Click on Update Options to save the setting. 

Students can now access the Zoom folder and watch the recorded sessions. 

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