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  • Recording and Sharing Zoom from OneDrive
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Please use the following directions to record your Zoom lecture sessions directly to your OneDrive account

  1. Link to OneDrive in your local computer file system (Skip to step 2 if you have already synced to OneDrive on your hard drive)
    1. Go to and log into NPS webmail with your NPS Credentials. 
    2. Click the applications button in the top left, next to the "Outlook" label, to open it. Then click on OneDrive to open that.
    3. At the bottom left of the OneDrive window, find "Get the OneDrive apps." 
    4. A new page will open with directions for how to open and access OneDrive. Note: OneDrive is already installed on computers running Windows 10 and just needs to be started. 
  2. In OneDrive, create a folder called Zoom 
    1. Click on New and choose "Folder" 
    2. Name it Zoom
    3. (Optional) Create subfolders for your individual courses.
  3. Set up the Zoom app to save your recordings to OneDrive automatically
    1. Download the Zoom desktop app (if you haven't already.)
    2. Open the Zoom app and go to the Zoom App Settings, then to Recording
    3. Change the setting for "Store My Recordings at:" by browsing and selecting your OneDrive Zoom folder.
  4. Set up a link to your OneDrive folder to Sakai. 
    1. Right click on the OneDrive folder that you want to share with your students. Choose Share.
    2. Click on "People in Naval Postgraduate School with the link" is checked and UNCHECK "Allow Editing." Click apply.
    3. Copy the share link.
    4. In Resources, drop down the Actions menu and choose "Add Web Links (URLs)." Paste the OneDrive link and give it a name.
    5. Verify that your OneDrive link is in your file system

Students can now access the Zoom folder and watch the recorded sessions. Repeat the process on any computer you plan on using to record straight to OneDrive.

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