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  • Restricting Shared File Access in OneDrive and Box
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When you give your students access to files in Box and OneDrive, you can restrict who can view and who can download those files. These instructions assume you have already linked (mapped) to your OneDrive or Box accounts, as outlined in the first part of the blog post: More About Box and OneDrive. 

*NOTE: If you need to restrict downloading of your files, or if you need to share content with users who are outside of the NPS network, continue to the Box directions below. 


  1. Find your OneDrive link in your file directory.

  2. Open the link and find the file or folder you want to share. Click on "Share."


  3. To restrict access, click on "People in Naval Postgraduate School with the link can edit," and choose "Specific People." Uncheck "Allow Editing" to prevent unwanted changes. Click on "Apply." Fill in the names of the people you want to have access and click on "Send" when done. 


  4. The people you specified will receive an email with a personalized link that will only work for them and can't be shared.



  1. Open and log into your account.
  2. Find the file or folder you want to share, and click on the "Share" button
  3. In the Share window, turn off the Share Link and change "Invite as Editor" to "Invite as Viewer"
  4. Add the emails of the people you want to have access. If they have an NPS account, they will appear as you type out their nps email address. You can also include emails of people outside of the NPS network using their entire email address. Optional - Add a personalized message that will be sent with the viewing invitation. 
  5. The people that you specify will receive an email with an invitation to collaborate on the file being shared. If they don't have a box account, they will need to set that up before viewing the shared file. 


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