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  • Sakai 12.1 Importing Modules Data into Lessons Tool Instructions
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After our upgrade to Sakai 12.1, on June 25th, 2018, the "Modules" tool will no longer be available and we won't have access to that data. if you've been using the Modules tool you'll need to export and import that data into the Lessons tool.

If you don't know if you've been using the Modules tool, or need more information about the upgrade, please go to the wiki page "Sakai 12.1 Upgrade Instructions" for more instructions.


1. How to save Modules data 

a. Go to "Modules" in your course. (NOTE - In rare cases, the name for Modules may have been changed at some point in the Page Order tool, in Site Info.)

b. Find the top menu for Modules, which include View, Author, Manage, and Preferences, as below:

c. Click on "Manage"

d.  Click on the bottom menu item in "Managing options," which is "Import/Export."

e. Under "Export Modules" leave the default "IMS Content Package format"

f. Choose What to Export - Either "All modules" or select the ones you want.

g. Clicking on "Export" will download a zip file to your local downloads folder 

h. After the upgrade, this zip file can be uploaded to the "Lessons" tool in Sakai 12.1. Unfortunately, the zip file can't be imported into your Lessons tool until after the upgrade on the 25th. 

2. Importing your downloaded zip file into Lessons after the upgrade 

a. After June 25th, go to your course in Sakai and Click “Lessons” on the left side menu

b. At the top of the Lessons page, click on the “More Tools” menu and select “Import CC/CP” 

b. Click “Choose file

c. From the Finder window that pops up find the exported zip file on your computer

d. Click “Import”

e. The imported modules will appear at the bottom of the left side menu as a new menu item, called the name of the course that it came from. If there are subpages in the module, they will be available in a drop-down menu format. 

f. Please be aware that any text from the “Description/Overview or Objectives,” "Instructions," or "Keywords" of Modules will not be imported into Lessons. It is your responsibility to copy that text and add it into the Lessons area.