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When trying to access a particular area of your Sakai course, you may come up with "Site Insecurity" errors. This indicates that the DOD certificates on your computer don't match the required certificates to access the course tool that your instructor is using for your content delivery. The error will say something related to "The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority."

This issue will not affect your ability to log into Sakai, only to access certain part of a course. Also, this problem may not affect all of your courses.

Depending on your browser and operating system, your error can look similar to those below. 

If you suspect that is the cause of your issue, please go to the website and follow the instructions, that will let you completely update or install the certificates on your computer. The base instructions are for those who need to install a CAC reader, HOWEVER, the "Step 3: Installation and Update" instructions are still what you need to do. We DO NOT need a CAC to access Sakai. 





If you follow the instructions and are still experiencing issues, please call or write the Sakai helpdesk at or 831-656-2020.

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