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When you are first invited as a guest to NPS’ Sakai CLE you will receive an email from with a subject of "Welcome to Naval Postgraduate School CLE!" with a link which should be followed.  You may possibly also receive a “Naval Postgraduate School CLE Site Notification” Email, which is notification that you have been enrolled in a course or project site.

By following the link in the "Welcome to Naval Postgraduate School CLE!" email you received you will be able to:

  • Input your First and Last names
  • Set your password
  • Claim your Account
  • Login to NPS’ Sakai CLE (if your password does not work, please email for a manual password reset)
  • Access the Course or Project site in which you have been enrolled


The "Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School CLE!" Email will contain a link, which, when followed, will allow you to input your First Name, Last Name and your desired password.  Your password must be the same text inputted twice, once in the Password area and again in the Confirm Password area, both on the left hand side of the area.  Your username will be displayed, typically it is your full email address.

The (optional) Site Notification Email will contain brief instructions on how to login to the CLE and navigate to your course or project site.

Logging into NPS’ Sakai CLE

Once you have your username (your email address) and your password (as set by you) you can:

  • Open a web browser and point input the URL in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • On that page there will be two buttons, one for NPS users and another for Non-NPS Users, since you have a guest account you are considered a Non-NPS user, please select that option to go to the Login area.
  • On the next page there will be username and password fields similar to the one below, input your email address as your username and the password you set after following the link in your welcome email into those fields and select the Login button. If your login page does not look like the one below, please go back to and click on the non-NPS users link.
  • You should be now logged in and brought to your Home site.
  • If the Username or password inputted is incorrect you will be alerted.  If you are not able to login, please go to the instructions by selecting the "Forgot your password?" text.

Input Your Name and Change your Password

Once you have successfully logged into NPS’ Sakai CLE you can modify your name and change your password at any time by:

  • Select the left navigation item Account, which will display your Account information. 
  • Use the Modify Details button to modify your personal information.
  • Input your First Name, Last Name and your new password in the Create New Password and Verify New Password areas, the same password must be used in both areas.
  • Select the Update Details button to save your changes
  • Next time you login you should use the same username (your email address) and your new password

Some external tools require that a name be present to prevent errors.

Access the Course or Project site

To access your Course or Project site use the Quicklinks toward the top of the page.

  • To go into a course or project site you can click on the appropriate link in the favorites bar, toward the top of all of your Sakai Pages.
  • The Sites tab will display/hide a full list of courses in which you are associated.
  • The Home tab will bring you back to your personal space.

Site Features

Course and Project Sites have many tools available that the course instructor or project organizer can make available.  These tools are available in the Left Side Navigation once in a course.  Some of the most utilized tools are:

  • Home – Provides summary information about the site
  • Resources – File storage and sharing
  • Announcements – Time critical information about your site
  • Messages – Send/Read messages to all or some site participants, with the option of sending a copy to their email address.