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  • Sakai Guest Password Reset
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NON-NPS users (who login with an email address as your username): if you forgot your password or deleted the invitation link, follow the instructions below

NPS users (who login with their NPS credentials) should use the NPS Password Reset Utility.

Click Here to Input your email address and select the "Send Password" button

If successful you will receive the message "Naval Postgraduate School CLE has attempted to send a password change email to...".

If not successful

  • If you receive the message "Email address not found".  Please confirm the spelling of your email address
  • If you receive the message "There are duplicate accounts with that email address" this typically means you have an NPS User account and a Non-NPS User account.  Please use your NPS User account to login to Sakai.
  • if you continue to have trouble, please contact a representative for your program. 

Get the Email

  • You should get an email sent from with the subject of "New Password Request".  
  • Some email systems may classify this email as spam so please check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox.  
  • The email should appear within 10 minutes, if you do not get it, please email to have your password manually reset.

Follow the link in the email

In the web page which comes up you should be able to input a new password, the same password must be entered twice.

Login to Sakai

Once complete you should be brought back to the Sakai home page.  Please use the Non-NPS User button to login.

Not Working?

If you have any trouble with this process, please email with information about which part of the process is not working as expected.