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This page displays issues, any possible resolutions, which we have discovered about using Sakai with a mobile device.

To get to the mobile interface in any page in Sakai, replace the /site/ string in the URL with /pda/.

IOs - iPhones, iPads


Android OS

Please ensure you have the DoD Root Certificats installed

  1. Add the 4 bolded DoD certificates from method 2 here: DOD Root SSL Certificates
  2. Name each certificate exactly as listed in the table
  3. Reboot your tablet
  4. Log into Sakai again and try to download the desired file(s)

You can also batch-download files from a site's Resources area by:

  1. Download a WebDav app for Android, one free is WebDav File Manager (not endorsed by NPS)
  2. Get the URL from the site's Resources > Upload/Download multiple resources area
  3. use that URL in the app - instructions