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How do I get to Sakai?

Sakai can be accessed at the URL  Sakai can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.  

Logging in through a VPN client is NOT necessary and not recommended as it may slow down your connection.

How do I get a Sakai account?

Sakai utilizes your NPS network account credentials.  You should have received your account information once you have been officially registered by the NPS Registrar.

What is my Sakai username/password? How do I change it?

Your Sakai username and password is the same as your NPS system username and password. You can change your NPS system password by changing your password from an NPS computer on base or Webmail if not on base. If you have trouble changing your password or If you get locked out, contact the TAC.  If you are a DL student, please follow the guidelines in the NPS DL Student Handbook.

Can I get Sakai emails sent to my personal email account?

Sakai will only send emails to your official email address of record.

  • For NPS users this is maintained by the NPS Registrar.  
  • For Non-NPS Users (if you use your full email address to login) you can login to Sakai and from your Home site use the Account tool to change the address to which you will get correspondence.  You can change the correspondence address but not the email address with which you login.

The email address entered under the 'Profile' tool is used for sharing information with other students in your course. It is not used for system/course announcements.

A course I'm enrolled in is not showing up, why not?

If you are not seeing a course in which you are enrolled:

  1. Check in your sites grid to see if the course is listed
  2. Contact the Instructor to confirm there is an online component to your course.
  3. Contact the Instructor to confirm the course is Published.

       = sites grid

How do I set which courses are Favorites?

You can set how many and which courses are available in the top menu of the Sakai page.  To do this, once logged into Sakai:

  1. Click on the Sites grid in the upper right of your Sakai screen
  2. Click on the star for any course you'd like to be in the Favorites menu
  3. Click on Organize Favorites if you want to change the order of your favorites

When are Sakai accounts deleted?

Users will not be able to access Sakai when their NPS network account is disabled, typically 30 days after graduation.

I receive an error message of "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when trying to access Sakai.

Please download and install the latest DoD Root Certificates onto your computer.
Go to and then go to the bottom of the page.