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Tool Help

The Sakai Help pages provide tool specific help.

Sakai User Guide    Sakai Help


Many questions are answered on the Instructor FAQs, the Student FAQs and the Tips and Tricks page.

Click here to view the Online Sakai training from Longsight - Aug 1, 2018   

Click here to view the Advanced Online training from Longsight - Oct 17, 2019

Upcoming Face-to-Face Sakai Training

Check here for upcoming training

NPS Online Video Tutorials

Have developed NPS Specific video tutorials on various subjects, listed below.  It's recommended for instructors new to Sakai to review the first 4 for a Sakai introduction before viewing tool specific videos.

Previously created videos with copyright restrictions are still available on the NPS intranet at http://intranet/ITACS/cle/online_training.html.  If you are not on campus, options for accessing the NPS intranet are available on the Remote Access Page.

Other School's Online Tutorial Pages

The links below reference non-NPS web sites which may change, have different policies or use different tools. Please use these references for educational purposes only.


Please contact to:

  • RSVP for a specific session
  • Would like to attend a session remotely
  • Would like to schedule a training for your department
  • Have any additional questions

Feel free to bring your own laptop, otherwise computers will be provided.




In-person training sessions are available upon request.
Please contact with a desired date/time to schedule a session.