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  • Sample Training Agendas
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  1. Fifteen minute Session samples
    1. Sakai start-up
      1. Navigation and menus
      2. Tool basics
      3. How to get help
    2. Sakai Tools
      1. An in-depth look at how to use one of the following:
        1. assignments
        2. Tests and Quizzes
        3. Forums
        4. Resources
    3. Zoom Start-Up
      1. Schedule and/or Joining a session
      2. Sharing
      3. Mic and Camera settings
    4. Collaborate Start-up
      1. Interface navigation
      2. sharing
      3. Mic and Camera settings
  2. Thirty Minute Sessions
    1. Zoom and Collaborate Start-up
    2. Zoom or Collaborate In-Depth
    3. Sakai Start up and Tools
  3. Hour long Sessions
    1. In-depth web conferencing use in synchronous and asynchronous instruction
    2. In-depth use of Sakai for instruction
  4. Two hour long Sessions
    1. In Depth look at web conferencing software and Sakai for instruction
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