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To create a Zoom Meeting, please follow these instructions, or watch this instructional video.

  1. Add the Tool to a Sakai Site
    1. In the course where you want to add the Zoom tool, go to Site Info, then Manage Tools
    2. Scroll down to External Tools and check the Zoom tool
    3. Continue, then Finish to save your selection
    4. Zoom will be located at the bottom of the left menu

  2. Schedule a Meeting
    1. Open Zoom in the course where you want the new meeting
    2. Click on "Schedule a New Meeting"
    3. Change the Topic name and other optional settings if needed
    4. Click on Save to set the meeting
    5. This meeting is now visible to students only in this course, but you will see it in all courses with Zoom tool added. Please note: If you create a meeting in your account at, that meeting won't show up in any of your courses for your students. You will see it, but they will not. 

  3. Meeting Settings
    1. Topic – By default the Topic is the Sakai site name
    2. Description is optional
    3. When – the meeting won’t be available to participants until the time set
    4. Duration – Default is one hour
    5. Time Zone – Default is your computer time zone
    6. Recurring meeting – Default is unchecked, see #4 Recurring Meeting
    7. Registration – not recommended as this requires students to register with Zoom prior to a meeting.
    8. Video – Default is off for both Host and Participants
    9. Audio – Recommend “Both” to allow those who can’t use computer audio to connect telephonically
    10. Meeting Options – Recommend “Mute participants on entry” and “Record the meeting automatically”
    11. Alternative Hosts – Guest lecturers or listed students will automatically have moderator permissions with this option

  4. Recurring Meetings - Can be set for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, with specifications unique to each
    1. Daily can be repeated as infrequently as every 15 days
    2. Weekly can be repeated as infrequently as every 12 weeks with options for each day of the week
    3. Monthly can be as infrequently as every three months, with options for the day of the month or any numbered day of the week
    4. If  “No Fixed Time” is selected, the meeting stays open and is accessible indefinitely.

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