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  • Sharing your Recordings from the Zoom for Government Cloud
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If you choose to record to the Zoom Cloud, you'll get an email when it is it available with the share link that you can give to your students.

It will be similar to this →

It will include the time of the meeting, with a link that you as the authenticated host can use, and another one for your students and any guests. Note that they will need to use the passcode that is included in the email. 


If you want to share from the Zoom for Government website, the following instructions will show you how to share any recordings you may have saved:

  1. Log into your account at


2. Go to Recordings in the left menu

3. Find the meeting that you want to share and click on the "share" button 

4. Choose your options to share:

  • Choose to Share this recording "Publicly." The authenticated users in this case are Zoom for Gov account holders, which our students do not have. 
  • Set an optional expiration date for the viewing 
  • Choose if your students can download the recording
  • Choose "On-Demand" if you want your students to register to view
  • Edit the passcode if desired

5. Copy the share link and passcode to give to your students or participants. 

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