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  • Summer Upgrade to Sakai version 19
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On Wednesday, 19 JUNE, 2019, we will be upgrading to the next version of Sakai, version 19. On that morning we will experience a down time of approximately four hours, until 1200 Pacific time. Just to be clear, during that time there will be NO ACCESS to Sakai or DODLearn AT ALL. This includes students, faculty, and us in the CLE admin office. 

Troubleshooting UPDATE! 

Browser issues

  • At this time, Gradebook and Rubrics tools aren't visible on Internet Explorer. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox instead
  • Clearing your cache - If you are having trouble seeing the contents of Gradebook, Rubrics, or Roster tools in other browsers besides Internet Explorer, you will need to clear the browser of cached cookies, site data, images and files. This website explains how to clear the cache in all browsers.

(tick)Watch the live DEMO here!

Here are some improvements that we can look for forward to:

  • Assignments:
    • Optional Email reminder to students 24 hours from due date to students who have not submitted
  • Groups:
    • Improved group assignment and assessment selection
    • Groups can be searched in the drop-down menu
  • Gradebook:
    • you will be able to exclude an individual item from a single students’ grade.
    • Students will be able to exclude items from view
  • Roster Tool:
    • Card Layout has been sped up, they will be scrollable.
  • Rubrics:
    • Integrated with Assignments, Gradebook, T&Q, and forums
  • Tests &Quizzes:
    • Interface improvements
    • Working copy changed to Draft, published are published
    • Filter by all, draft, published, active, inactive
    • Filter by group
    • Easier to select groups for assigning

More detailed information from the Sakai development community:

  • The first is a list of the release notes from the Apereo Foundation, a collection of developers from higher education institutions around the globe who oversee and contribute to the development of Sakai and other open source projects.

  • The second link below is a more in-depth list of the changes to the software, listed in the Sakai Project Wiki, which is a Confluence page (just like the NPS Wiki, though not affiliated) and serves as the community collaboration platform for the Sakai developers and institutional admins alike.

Please contact the Sakai helpdesk at or 831-656-2020 with questions or concerns.

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