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  • Zoom for Government: Licensed versus Basic Users
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The following table defines the differences between a licensed user and basic user.

Follow this link for more details: Roles in a Meeting

Number of Participants500100
Time limit24 hours40 min
Act as as host3YesYes
Act as a co-host4YesYes
Act as an alternate host5YesNo
Record to the Zoom CloudYesNo6

  1. Webinar licenses are a very limited resource, managed by the EdTech VTC coordinator. EdTech support staff schedules and hosts webinars on behalf of customer. 
  2. Only licensed users can host a webinar. Basic user can be invited to webinar as presenter, but cannot create webinar or act as alternate host.
  3. "Hosts" are either the person who scheduled the meeting, or someone assigned as host AFTER the meeting starts. There can only be one host at a time. Either a licensed or basic user can be assigned as host. Only the host can transfer the role to another meeting attendee.
  4. Co-hosts are assigned by the Host AFTER the meeting has started. A co-host cannot start the meeting, but shares most of the controls that hosts have, enabling them to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as managing attendees.
  5. Alternate hosts are assigned when the meeting is scheduled and must have a licensed NPS ZfG account. Basic users and users from other organizations cannot be an alternate host. Only host or an alternate host can start a meeting. 
  6. A basic user can record to a local drive. If your account was downgraded to Basic, you can still access your previous cloud recordings, but you can't save new ones to the cloud unless your account is later upgraded to a licensed account.
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