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  • Zoom v. Collaborate
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This is everything I can think of at the moment. Let me know in the comments what else you want to see compared here. 

Screen ShareYesYes
Application ShareYesYes
Powerpoint UploadYesNo

Video Share

Web interface optionNoYes - With limitations
Students in secure locations can useNoYes - with Web client
Private ChatYesYes
Non-verbal Communication iconsYesYes
Sound QualityFairExcellent
Video QualityFairExcellent
MP4 ConversionManualDefault
Cloud StorageYes - DefaultYes - with NPS or other cloud storage
Student Share abilityMust be grantedDefault
Students can join w/o moderatorYesMust be granted
Must have an accountNoNeeded to create sessions - only faculty.
Can set up, run, and attend session outside of SakaiNoYes - at
Mobile AppYes, with limitationsYes
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