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If you are traveling to a foreign country for official or leave travel, please complete the appropriate document below and submit it to the Travel Office using the button to the right------>


SUBMIT COUNTRY CLEARANCE REQUEST                                        

All DoD personnel at NPS planning to leave the United States are expected to plan early and provide all information needed for travel. In accordance with NAVPGSCOLINST 4650.1, responsibility for the entire foreign travel process rests with the individual traveler.  A Country Clearance is required for all official international travel.  All military personnel must also obtain a Country Clearance for non-duty travel as well.


Country Clearance may be required in order to authorize official travel to a particular country. Country Clearance requests will be submitted to the Travel Office. The Travel Office will have the traveler fill out specific information from reference the Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG). The Travel Office will generate a country clearance message from this information and the Security Manager will release the message. Country Clearance requests should be submitted 45 days prior to travel or sooner depending on the requirements of the individual country.


In your email, please indicate the country you intend to visit and travel dates.  This will also determine if a visa and/or country clearance are necessary.


For all foreign travel you must notify the Security Manager's Office 45-60 days prior to the start of your travel.  Information on clearances, training, and requirements is available on their website:






Please be sure to check in with both the NPS Travel Office and Security Manager's Office prior to any international travel, including leave and Gifts of Travel. There are additional requirements that need to be met prior to any international travel. For additional information regarding these requirements, please see NPSINST 4650.1B.

Beginning 14 June, all travelers who have travel submitted in DTS with a foreign location will begin receiving weekly emails reminding them of the additional requirements and offices they must contact.