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To the right you will see the most commonly used documents for travel.


Students who need to travel are required to submit to the Travel Office a completed Travel Request Worksheet signed by the PI and SPFA. The Travel Office will then enter your travel authorization into DTS, where it will be routed to SATO, then to the SPFA for review, and then to the Authorizing Official (usually the department chairman) for approval. Any Transportation Assistant (TA) in the Travel Office can assist in processing your  travel request. You may submit your request in person, by e-mail, or by fax. The more lead time you allow for processing your request, the greater the likelihood that your travel needs will be met.  Travelers may also enter their own travel into DTS however they must also upload the Travel Request Worksheet with signatures.



Travel for foreign military students cannot be processed through DTS.  Additional processing associated with hard-copy orders is required for processing.  A Travel Request Worksheet must be submitted.

Foreign Military Student Travel


A travel request worksheet is not required of staff and faculty however may be requested if seeking assistance from a Travel Assistant within the Travel Office.