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Effective immediately NPS personnel will no longer receive “mission essential” emails from the Travel Office.  If you are approved in DTS by your AO and do not hear from the Travel Office to the contrary, then you are authorized to proceed. Subsequently, you are no longer required to upload a “mission essential” email on your voucher.  

This change is administrative – it does not reduce the level of scrutiny.   We continue to rely on the Authorizing Officials to ensure each trip is necessary to accomplish the mission and is fiscally prudent.  President Route and the Provost will continue to review travel on Thursday afternoons – that process with current timelines is still in place.   Please get your travel entered in time to be approved by your AO so it makes the Thursday list before you travel.  This is best achieved by entering travel at least 10 days in advance.  It is understood that short notice trips will pop up and those will be briefed to President Route after-the-fact though that should not be common practice.


Here's what to do...


  1. Create an authorization in DTS
  2. Within the Trip Description field, enter the following:
    1. Description of your mission 
    2. Line of Accounting to be used to fund the TDY (department JON or Fund Cite information)
    3. Statement attesting that the trip is mission critical (could be framed in a "this would happen if unable to attend" way)
  3. Sign your authorization in DTS
  4. Have your AO approve the travel in DTS.


For non-DoD conference requests, you must have a copy of the DoN/AA or DNS Approval Memo.  It is inferred since President Route must sign the conference package.  For approval memos please check the wiki page for your approved conference here:




*Please include pertinent details of the trip in question including date and location.