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Training Certificate Issues



AO Training *

*Only required for Approving Officials




DTS 101


"ODTA. Other individuals within local organizations, who work with the LDTA and/or FDTA to assist new personnel in self-registering in DTSassist travelers with the use of DTS, and ensure efficient use of the Help Desk processes. ODTAs will be required to complete the DTS User and the DTS ODTA Courses given monthly by the DTS Instructor. 

Upon completion of these courses, each ODTA candidate will be given a practical test during which they will have to successfully create a travel authorization and a travel voucher using input from the instructor. 

Upon successful completion of this test, the instructor will request the NPS DTS help desk to grant group access so that the ODTA can create DTS documents for supported travelers.

The ODTA class covers a description of DTS traveler self-registration, DTS administration, the duties of an ODTA, and a description of the administrative modules available to the ODTA. The class size is limited to twelve students.

Any comments, questions and suggestions, or to sign up for training, send e-mail to the DTS Instructor at

DTS Authorizing Official (AO) - Initial Training

In addition to the Training above, candidate AOs are required to complete the DTMO Travel Explorer (TRAX) for new AOs.  Instructions for taking this course can be found here.  At the completion of this course please send the certificate of completion to

On receipt of the certificate the DTS Instructor will schedule a One-on-one review of the AO Training Materials, which will cover NPS specific business rules.  You can review these materials here.

DTS Authorizing Official (AO) - Annual Refresher

On the yearly anniversary of your initial appointment, you will receive notice that you are required to take the TRAX COL Refresher course.  Instructions for taking this course can be found here.

At the completion of this course please send the certificate of completion to and we will update your training record.