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Things to keep in mind when writing your thesis, to avoid mistakes made by your predecessors (smile).  This list is not comprehensive, it is meant to supplement the NPS LaTeX and Thesis resources, and highlight potential pitfalls common to CS thesis writing.


Might as well do these up front, or you'll have to make the changes later.

  1. Use LaTeX
  2. Use appropriate citation practices
  3. Use \acro package consistently
  4. Explain any anomalies in plots and graphs
  5. Get regular feedback from your advisor as you go


Avoid these practices.

  1. Copy images from other sources without the author's explicit permission.  These may be redrawn, with the source cited, or better yet, create the correct figures yourself.  The need to include figures from another publication is rare.
  2. Screenshot text (e.g. terminal output).  Copy the text and display in the \verbatim environment instead.
  3. Complete the whole thesis before submitting it to your advisor and co-advisor/reader for feedback.