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  • Integrating your Wiki with JIRA, SharePoint, and More
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Confluence has rich support for integrating with external systems.  Integration with the NPS JIRA is included already, and the ITACS team is working now on testing the SharePoint Connector.

Integrating JIRA Content In Your Wiki Space

Adding JIRA content, like a list of outstanding issues for a project, is easy.  When adding a new MACRO to your page, search for JIRA using the quickbox and select the JIRA ISSUES item.  

The output from JIRA is based on a filter, so you'll need to specify the full XML URL for your filter in the macro wizard.

Security Notes about JIRA Integration

  • Confluence and JIRA communicate securely via SSL-encrypted web services
  • JIRA issues can be shown to users who are outside the firewall, even though JIRA is inside the firewall!
  • The user viewing the wiki page must have an account in JIRA and permissions to the project (or they see no items in the list).
  • Clicking a link in the list of issues WILL require the user to be on the internal net or VPN.
  • This functionality is NOT available to EXERN users at the current time.

Integrating with SharePoint

This new feature will be available soon and is currently in testing.   The SharePoint connect will allow the following functionality:

  • Integrated search engine that returns matching results from both Confluence and SharePoint
  • Macros in Confluence to enable embedding of document libraries from Sharepoint (securely through the firewall!)
  • Webpart in SharePoint for embedding wiki content