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  • Trusting the DOD SSL Certificates
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The NPS Wiki, along with many other NPS web applications, uses SSL on all webserver traffic to protect your information.  The SSL certificates we use are issued by the Department of Defense.  If your web browser does not trust these certificates, you'll get a warning when visiting the page.  

OPTION 1 - Download and install ALL DOD root certificates (Windows Only)

This DOD-issued application will install the DOD root certificates into your IE or Firefox/Chrome web browsers.  This application is JAVA based and should run on most workstations without requiring admin rights.  Click here to go to the website for downloading the DOD root cert application (use the version packaged with the JRE if you don't already have JAVA installed on your workstation).

OPTION 2 - Download and install the DOD Root Certificates (Windows, Mac, Linux)

By importing and trusting the root DOD certificates (4 of them) you will be able to use any DOD website without receiving an SSL certificate warning.   You will need to manually import the certificate into your browser or other application.  Click here to go the Root Cert Download page at the DISA.MIL site.