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We had great session out on Monterey Bay last Friday (April 11) practicing launch and recovery of our "Mako" WaveGlider SV-2.

Our efforts were led by Daniel Merritt, Senior Field Operations Technician for Liquid Robotics Inc. (LRI).

Accomplishments included

  • Pierside "fast cruise" rehearsing all activities
  • Pre-deployment checklist complete
  • XBee and Iridium networking tests all satisfactory
  • Wave Glider Management System (WGMS) monitoring and commands
  • Four launches and four recoveries (always good when those numbers match!)

Lessons learned:

  • A number of things need to be added to our equipment chest, including special boathook clips and umbilical "messenger" unit
  • One equipment problem: stress-fracture cracks appeared on the plexiglass for the forward solar cells. 
  • Team effort is essential.

Participants: Kevin Smith, Qing Wang, Dick Lind,  Kate Hermsdorfer, Greg Thornton, Vance Villarreal, Renato Vio Peres, Ryan Yamaguchi and Don Brutzman.

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