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Capabilities Focused Model-Based Systems Engineering (CF-MBSE)

At NPS, faculty members focus on education and research conducted specifically to increase the combat effectiveness of commissioned officers.


In my role, I am primarily responsible for conducting research and publishing results that directly support the needs and goals of the Navy, as well as the application of that research directly into the NPS curriculum to ensure that the education of NPS students remains relevant and current. 

My work has focused on the integration of system architecture products with system analysis techniques, specifically the development of operational and combat models, through model-based systems engineering.  

That research approach, termed Capabilities Focused Model-Based Systems Engineering (CF-MBSE), is conducted in direct support of broader Navy research projects.

One of my primary goals is to integrate my research experiences with student thesis research, please click on the links below to find out more about my research and teaching interests, as well as to review past and current projects and explore thesis opportunities.

Paul T. Beery, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

Department of Systems Engineering

Naval Postgraduate School

Bullard Hall Room 102A



Adapted from Van Bossuyt, Douglas L.; Beery, Paul; O’Halloran, Bryan M.; Hernandez, Alejandro; Paulo, Eugene. 2019.  “The Naval Postgraduate School’s Department of Systems Engineering Approach to Mission Engineering Education through Capstone Projects.”  Systems 7, no. 3: 38.  doi: 10.3390/systems7030038

Adapted from Beery, Paul; Paulo, Eugene. 2019.  “Application of Model-Based Systems Engineering Concepts to Support Mission Engineering.”  Systems 7, no. 3:44. doi: 10.3390/systems7030044

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