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Alumni research group members


  • Capt Scotty Black, USMC
    • "The Missions, the Tactics, the Implementation: A Simulation for Aerial Combat Swarms"1,5,6
  • LT David Cummings, USN
    • "Open Source Software in DOD Systems"
  • LT Raymond Davis, USN
    • "Mechanical Design and Optimization of Swarm-Capable UAV Launch Systems"5
  • LT Patrick Livesay, USN
    • "Investigation of Capabilities and Technologies Supporting Rapid UAV Launch System Development"5
  • LT Douglas McIntosh, USN
    • "Preventing Encroachment by Hobby Grade Small Unmanned Aerial Systems"
  • Systems Engineering Analysis Cohort 21A Capstone Team
    • "Organic Over-the-Horizon Targeting for the 2025 Surface Fleet"


  • LT Brenton Campbell, USN
    • "Human Robotic Swarm Interaction using an Artificial Physics Approach"1
  • Lt Col Robert B. Davis, USMC
    • "Applying Cooperative Localization to Swarm UAVs using an Extended Kalman Filter"1
  • Chee Siong Ong, Singapore Defence Science and Technology Agency
    • "Logistics Supply of the Distributed Air Wing"1,6
  • Joong Yang Lee, Republic of Singapore Royal Air Force
    • "Expanded Kill Chain Analysis of Manned-Unmanned Teaming for Future Strike Operations"
  • LT Blake Wanier, USN, Operations Research/Undersea Warfare
    • "A Modular Simulation Framework for Assessing Swarm Search Models"
  • Systems Engineering Analysis Cohort 20B Capstone Team
    • "The Distributed Air Wing Concept"
  • LT Nicole Ramos, USN, Systems Engineering
    • "Assessment of Vision-Based Target Detection and Classification Solutions Using an Indoor Aerial Robot"


  • LT James B. Zorn, USCG, Systems Engineering
    • "A Systems Engineering Analysis of Unmanned Maritime Systems for U.S. Coast Guard Missions"1
  • Systems Engineering Analysis Cohort 19A Capstone Team

    • "2024 Unmanned Undersea Warfare Concept"

  • Major Uwe Gaertner, German Army, Operations Research
    • "UAV Swarm Tactics: An Agent-based Simulation and Markov Process Analysis"1

  • LT Timothy Stevens, USN, Operations Research
    • "Analysis of Nondeterministic Search Patterns for Minimization of UAV Counter-Targeting" 1,5


  • LT Michael Smith, USN, Systems Engineering and Analysis
    • "A Systems Engineering Evaluation for Submarine-launched UAS Capabilities" 1
  • LT Eric Shuey, USN, & LT Mika Shuey, USN, Applied Physics (Co-advisor: Prof. Richard Harkins)
    • "Surfzone Autonomous Robot and Littoral Sea Control" 1,5
  • LT Timothy Rochholz, USN, Applied Physics (Co-advisor: Prof. Joseph Rice)
    • "Wave-powered Unmanned Surface Vehicle Operations in Open Ocean" 1,5
  • LTJG Umit Soylu, Turkish Navy, Computer Science (Co-advisor: Dr. Joel Young)
    • "Multi-target Tracking by Aerial Battle Bots for Swarm vs. Swarm Systems" 1
  • Systems Engineering Analysis Cohort 18B Capstone Team (with Prof. Gary Langford)
    • "Unmanned Surface Vehicle Future Concept: Tailorable Remote/Unmanned Combat Crafts (TRUCCs)"
  • Maj Thomas Dono, USMC, Operations Research
    • "Optimized Landing of Autonomous UAV Swarms on Multiple Moving Platforms" 1,5
  • LT MengWee Joses Yau, Singapore Navy, Oceanography (with Dr. Peter Chu)
    • "Localization of Surface or Near-Surface Drifting Mines in the Persian Gulf" 1,3,4
  • Capt Riadh Hajri, Tunisian Air Force, Information Sciences
    • "UAV-to-UAV Visual Target Detection and Recognition"
  • Michael Day (with Dr. Christian Darken)
    • "Simulation Architecture Design and Implementation for Multi-Agent Modeling of UAVs to Defend Against Swarm Attacks"


  • Maj Mehjdi Ben Ardhaoui, Tunisian Army
    • "Implementation of Autonomous Navigation and Mapping using a Laser Line Scanner on a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle"
  • MAJ Christian Klaus, German Army
    • "Probabilistic Search on Optimized Graph Topologies" 1,2
  • LT Steven Halle and LT Jason Hickle, USN (with Prof. Richard Harkins)
    • "The Design and Implementation of a Semi-Autonomous Surf-zone Robot using Advanced Sensors and a Common Robot Operating System"
  • LT Mauricio Muñoz, Chilean Navy
    • "Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Defensive UAV Swarm Tactics"
  • MAJ Edward O. Williams, USA
    • "Surveillance and Interdiction Models: A Game-theoretic Approach to Defend Against VBIEDs" 1
  • Maj Mark J. Muratore, USMC (Co-advisor: Dr. Rachel T. Johnson)
    • "Effective Teaming of Airborne and Ground Assets for Surveillance and Interdiction" 1
  • LT Kenneth L. Byers, USN
    • "Situational Awareness for Surveillance and Interdiction Operations (SASIO): Tactical Installation Protection" 1,2
  • LCDR Richard Morrison, USN (with Dr. Mathias Kölsch)
    • "Fiducial Marker Detection and Pose Estimation from LIDAR Range Data" 1
  • MAJ Matthew Hastings, USA.
        "Combat Simulation of Individual Soldier Search in Urban Terrain"

1 - Outstanding Thesis Award
2 - Military Operations Research Society (MORS)-Tisdale Award
3 - Outstanding International Student Award
4 - NAVSEA Warfare Centers Division Newport Award
5 - SSC-Pacific Student Fellowship
6 - George L. Phillips Award 

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