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The nature of the field of robotics is to be collaborative and cross-disciplinary. Research in a team environment offers chances to broaden one's understanding both in and out of his area of expertise.

Here are my frequent and active collaborators:

  • Stefano Carpin, UC Merced, Computer Science Department
  • Mathias Kölsch, NPS, Computer Science Department
  • Kevin Jones, NPS, Mechanical & Aerospace Department
  • Vlad Dobrokhodov, NPS, Mechanical & Aerospace Department
  • Michael Clement, NPS, Computer Science Department
  • Kyle Lin, NPS, Operations Research Department
  • Michael Atkinson, NPS, Operations Research Department
  • Kanna Rajan, MBARI, Principal Researcher for Autonomy
  • Rachel Silvestrini, NPS, Operations Research Department
  • Tom Wettergren, Navy Undersea Warfare Command
  • Jonathan DeSena, JHU-Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Andrew Newman, JHU-Applied Physics Laboratory
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