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Welcome to the Documentation Page




Quick Start Guide

  1. Prepare yourself
  2. Install development environment
  3. Run software-in-the-loop (SITL)



Listing of ACS Docs

Markdown source available at https://gitlab.nps.edu/arsenl/acs_docs

The Arbiter: the ACS game engine and scoring referee; usage and design notes

Overview and design notes on the modifications to Ardupilot firmware

The swarm controller architecture and how to implement a new swarm behavior

Software deployment onto an aircraft

Overview of the ground software: Swarm Commander (classic and 3D) and Health Monitor; discussion of in-flight operations

Sketches of planned future developments and improvements

Software installation for a ground station / development / SITL machine

Launch checklists and use of the Flight Tech Interface

Accessing and downloading log files

Description of how the autopilot is configured for swarming missions and setting up a mission configuration server

Overview and design notes on the onboard autonomy payload

Pre-flight procedures and preparation of flight and ground systems

Running a Simulation-In-The-Loop of one or multiple swarms

Configuration of 3DR 900 MHz telemetry radios

Overview of utility programs run on the ground

Overview of the 802.11n wireless radio configuration and ACS networking

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