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If you have ever watched a Khan Academy video, you’ve seen screencasting in action.  Screencasting is becoming more and more popular in higher education, especially here at the Naval Postgraduate School. Screencasting allows you to capture your computer monitor as a movie that students can watch while they are studying. Some faculty members are using screen casting as a normal part of their distance learning courses, while other faculty members supplement their lectures with worked examples. Some faculty members are using screencasting techniques as part of their office hours for distance learning students.

We often get inquiries from faculty members on how to turn their computers into blackboards for use during screencasting. Once you have the right equipment, producing your first screencast can take as little as 30 minutes. There is a variety of options when making purchasing decisions. Below are my recommendations...

February 12, 2015

LMA bug--Material visible in student view but deleted in instructor view

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nameMaterial still visible in student view that is already deleted in instructor view.docx

July 10, 2019

Creating an Instance in LMA

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July 10, 2019