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  • Create Learning Content - the tools in LMA make it easy to create content that includes, video, audio, images, and links. You can also mix in self check questions and polls. 
  • Create Presentations - using existing PowerPoint presentations you can quickly build a web based presentation by dragging and dropping content into LMA. The presentation can then be narrated by either recording directly on the page or by importing existing audio. 

Create Module



add LMA to


In your Sakai Course, add a new Web Content tool with the link: Sakai click Site Editor > Edit Tools > Scroll down and check Web Content box  and click Continue > Type in a Title, which will appear on the menu bar on left in Sakai and paste


 in the source box. Click Continue and then Finish. The side menu title, module title and details as well as the LMA template can be changed at any time.

  1. To create a new module type in the module name and click the Create Module button. You are then jumped to the Module Settings page. 
  2. To add a link to an existing module to your course view the list of Available Modules you have already created. Add the module directly to your course by clicking the Add button. To preview a module before selecting, click the Preview link.

Module Settings

image of module settings pageImage Added

All modules by default have a home page already built, shown by the home icon at the top left of the page.

  1. Edit Module title in this box as needed.
  2. Provide a description of additional identifier for your module, such as date created, academic quarter delivered, etc. This description is a reference for instructors and will not be seen by students.
  3. Select a template for your module. Custom templates can be designed, contact CED3 for more information.
  4. This option allows language instructors to select the primary language of the module and enable as many flip language buttons as needed for your module.  For English modules leave the default English language.
  5. Advanced Options allows you to add custom CSS sheets, add a global glossary to your pages, and/or make pages public.

Select your module settings and click Save. You are then jumped to the Page Menu Editor where you can set up your page menu.

  • For more help either click the  help button in the instructor toolbar  within LMA , or view the tutorials.


  • Create narrated presentations using video, images, audio (recording online or importing), highlighting, synching, tools to easily edit/update presentations
  • Mix quizzes self-check interaction and content in-line for self-paced material
  • Content works on mobile devices (iPhone/Android) and tablets (iPad/Android) as well as on older browsers (IE8+)
    • Video must be MP4 H.264 format and can be converted to the correct format by contacting CED3.
  • On the page voice recorder for instructors
  • Share content between Sakai courses, the same LMA module can be shown in multiple Sakai courses so you can update the content once and have it updated in all courses.
  • Modules can be copied and you can share your module with other instructors. If you want to have slightly different content in each Sakai course or you want to share a module with another instructor but don't want them changing your course, you can copy a completed module and then edits will not affect the other course.
  • Upload files using drag and drop
  • Make your content social
    • Add a comment area to any page and students can provide direct feedback or have discussions without leaving the page.
    • Add a poll to any page and students can respond to a poll to see what the rest of the class thinks
    • Add a student presentation assignment and students can create their own narrated presentations and the rest of the class can comment and rate 
  • Hide and show items and pages based on date or completion of an activity
  • Reorder items on a page by drag and drop
  • Copy items to same page, different page in same module or to a different module
  • Create multiple modules in a single Sakai course. Instructors can create their own Modules.
  • Apply a custom skin to your module, currently 5 custom templates available (Contact CED3 if you would like to have a custom template for your curriculum )
  • Types of Content
    • Text, Images, and Links
      • Easy to use text editor
        • Add content that is hidden initially and only shown after the user clicks a button
        • Format table text
        • Add Links
      • Video will play in an HTML5 compatible player that also works for older browser.
    • Assessments & Activities
      • Fill In the Blank
      • Fill In the Table
      • Matching (by dragging)
      • Title the paragraph
      • Multiple Choice / True-False
      • Short essay questions using either text or audio for responses
      • Polls
      • Comments
      • Student Presentations
  • User Tracking / Student Answers
    • See how many pages individual students have viewed
    • View student answers to activities
  • Language support for teaching foreign languages
    • Flip Language, allows a module to show multiple languages for the same content
    • Right to Left language support, including a custom skin that moves the interface from LTR to RTL
    • On the page glossary
    • Global glossary with searchable words. Glossary can be created by copy/pasting a glossary from Excel.
  • Exportable, modules can be exported to a standalone HTML or SCORM format. 
  • Advanced users can customize the CSS to create your own look and feel.