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  • Naval Web-Based Collaboration and Model Exchanges using X3D

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  1. Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

    Welcome and IntroductionsDr. Don Brutzman (NPS), Alex Viana (NAVFAC), Mike Russalesi (Synergy Software Design)

    • Multiple presenters looking at interoperable capabilities, ongoing dialog is welcome. 
  2. Overview: Emerging Navy Capabilities with Web Standards . Dr. Don Brutzman (NPS)

    • Exploring the art of the possible.
  3. SPIDERS 3D Virtual Naval Installation Environment. Alex Viana (NAVFAC HQ Asset Management) and Mike Russalesi (SSD)

    • Web-based collaboration environment to contextualize 3D models of weapon platforms and associated shore infrastructure and facilities.
  4. National Institutes of Health 3D Print Exchange. Dr. Meghan Coakley-McCarthy (NIH), Dr. Darrell Hurt (NIH)

    • Overview of model repository now holding a terabyte of model data using X3D and other formats readily compatible with 3D printers, online at
  5. NPS Student Studies and Additive Manufacturing (AM) / Virtual Reality (VR) Research, Amela Sadagic (NPS).
    •  Overview of diverse thesis research performed by Navy and Marine Corps graduate students.
  6. Navy X3D Model Exchange Design Goals using X3D CAD, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning.  Don Brutzman (NPS).
  7. NAVAIR AM Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) Contract Data Deliverables.  Apryl Gilbert (NAVAIR 6.8 Deputy of Innovation)

    • Overview of Data Item Description and Technical Data Package for X3D Contract Deliverables, draft contract prose circulated for comment 
  8. NAVFAC EXWC Expeditionary Engineering AM Initiatives and 3D Model Translation Investigations. Cody Reese (EXWC Expeditionary Engineering Director)

  9. Web3D Consortium Strategies and Opportunities. Overview of technical strategies and recent activities. Anita Havele (Web3D Executive Director) and Dr. Nicholas Polys (Virginia Tech, Web3D President).

  10. Navy 30-Year RDT&E Strategic Plan Initiatives. Overview of future technology and innovation focus areas, Dr. Dale Moore (DASN RDT&E, Strategy & Innovation).