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  • Re-associate Collaborate with Java Web Start

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  1. See if you have Java correctly installed -
    1. Find your C:\ drive. It may be called “Windows (C:)” or “OS (C:)” or “Local Disk (C:)” or simply C: and it may be found in “Computer” or in “This PC”
    2. In the C: drive, find the folder called “Program Files (x86)
    3. Find the folder called Java (there is a chance the Java folder is in the folder called "Programs") and there should be a folder in there called “jre 1.8.0_xxx” (- Depending on the current release, your numbers may be different)
    4. In that folder find “bin” then look for a file called “javaws” or “javaws.exe
    5. If you don’t have the Java folder, or the subfolders are wrong, you will need to install or repair java by going to 
    6. If you found javaws, please continue with step 2.
  2. From within any Sakai site, click on “Join” on any active Collaborate session ONLY to download another meeting.jnlp or meeting.collab file into downloads. You shouldn’t actually start the session.
  3. Find your Downloads folder and right-click on the newest Meeting or meeting.jnlp file
  4. Choose “Open With”
  5. Look for “Java(TM) Web Start Launcher” and click on it. Collaborate will proceed to open and will use Java WS to open from now on.