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Introducing Zoom!

Zoom is a cloud video conferencing tool that works from either an installed client or from within your browser. 

How to get started:


Zoom FAQ

Q: Will my teacher be using Collaborate or Zoom for my DL course?

A: Video conference tool use is left up to the instructor’s discretion. They will let you know how to proceed to connect to your lecture sessions.

Q: How can I test my Collaborate or Zoom connection?

A: You can call 831-656-2020 0700-1700 M-F and a tech will assist you with testing your connection, or go to the Collaborate wiki and use the NPS Collaborate Test Session to check your connection. For Zoom, please call the number above for assistance.

Q: Are personal orientations or guidance available for Sakai, Collaborate, or Zoom?

A: Yes, please email us at or call us at 831-656-2020, 0700-1700 M-F to set up a time to meet with one of our techs.

Q: Do I need to download any software to use Zoom?

A:  For Zoom, no software is required for students, but audio and video functionality aren’t available in Internet Explorer with the browser-based version.

 Q: What are the hardware and software requirements for these tools?


-       OS - Any Windows or Macintosh computer can work with Collaborate and Zoom as long as you have a stable network connection. We don’t recommend or support IOS or Chrome OS, including iPad, iPhone, Android, or Chromebooks. While many people have success using those, we have found that the results are inconsistent at best in our tests.

-       Hardware - Your Instructor will most likely require a microphone and camera

-       Browsers - We strongly recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer is more problematic with these tools.


Q: How can I get more help with Sakai, Collaborate, or Zoom?

A: The CLE Helpdesk is available at 831-656-2020, 0700-1700 M-F, or you can email