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  1. Once you have a working system, do a trial while logging data to a ROS bag file, visiting each of the regions. 
  2. Post-process the bag file to generate the a figure to summarize the mission.  As you did in the previous assignment, this figure should include
    1. The map image as a background
    2. A graph of the odometry x/y path from the Odometry messages on the /odom topic (type: nav_msgs/Odometry Message
    3. A graph of the acml x/y path from the Post messages on the the /acml_pose topic. (type: geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped )
    4. The goal pose messages from the /move_base/goal topic (type: move_base_msgs/MoveBaseGoal )
  3. Save the figure as images/matlab_goals.png


  • You may find that your costmap gets cluttered after awhile of use - due to people moving around in the space or other robots.  The move_base node has a service to allow you to clear the costmaps

    Code Block
    rosservice call /move_base/clear_costmaps

  • We also discovered that creating and destroying the ROS publisher with the set_initialpose function can be problematic.  In particular, it appears that if the the publisher object is destroyed, by exiting the function, before the ROS message is actually sent, it can cause intermittent problem.  One fix for this is to have the function return the publisher so that it is not destroyed, e.g.,

    Code Block
    function mypub = set_initialpose(x,y,yaw)
    mypub = rospublisher(TOPIC,MSGTYPE);

Exercise 2: Multiple TurtleBot Teleop