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  • Create narrated presentations using video, images, audio (recording online or importing), highlighting, synching, tools to easily edit/update presentations
  • Mix quizzes and content in-line for self-paced material
  • Content works on mobile devices (iPhone/Android) and tablets (iPad/Android) as well as on older browsers (IE8+)
    • Video must be MP4 H.264 format and can be converted to the correct format by contacting CED3.
  • On the page voice recorder for instructors
  • Share content between Sakai courses, the same LMA module can be shown in multiple Sakai courses so you can update the content once and have it updated in all courses.
  • Modules can be copied and you can share your module with other instructors. If you want to have slightly different content in each Sakai course or you want to share a module with another instructor but don't want them changing your course, you can copy a completed module and then edits will not affect the other course.
  • Upload files using drag and drop
  • Make your content social
    • Add a comment area to any page and students can provide direct feedback or have discussions without leaving the page.
    • Add a poll to any page and students can respond to a poll to see what the rest of the class thinks
    • Add a student presentation assignment and students can create their own narrated presentations and the rest of the class can comment and rate 
  • Hide and show items and pages based on date or completion of an activity
  • Reorder items on a page by drag and drop
  • Copy items to same page, different page in same module or to a different module
  • Create multiple modules in a single Sakai course. Instructors can create their own Modules.
  • Apply a custom skin to your module, currently 5 custom templates available (Contact CED3 if you would like to have a custom template for your curriculum )
  • Types of Content
    • Text, Images, and Links
      • Easy to use text editor
        • Add content that is hidden initially and only shown after the user clicks a button
        • Format table text
        • Add Links
      • Video will play in an HTML5 compatible player that also works for older browser.
    • Assessments & Activities
      • Fill In the Blank
      • Fill In the Table
      • Matching (by dragging)
      • Title the paragraph
      • Multiple Choice / True-False
      • Short essay questions using either text or audio for responses
      • Polls
      • Comments
      • Student Presentations
  • User Tracking / Student Answers
    • See how many pages individual students have viewed
    • View student answers to activities
  • Language support for teaching foreign languages
    • Flip Language, allows a module to show multiple languages for the same content
    • Right to Left language support, including a custom skin that moves the interface from LTR to RTL
    • On the page glossary
    • Global glossary with searchable words. Glossary can be created by copy/pasting a glossary from Excel.
  • Exportable, modules can be exported to a standalone HTML or SCORM format. 
  • Advanced users can customize the CSS to create your own look and feel. 

Browser Requirements

LMA works best in a modern browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11+. Some features, like drag and drop are only supported on desktop and only on the latest browsers. LMA does not support creating or viewing content in Internet Explorer 7 or lower.