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Student Led

Military Cyber Professionals Association
POC:  Capt Joe Billingsley, US Army

National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) - Breakfast for your Brain   
POC: Capt Jose Gonzalez, USMC
POC: LT Dia Mendez, US Navy
POC:  LT Yemi Seriki, US Navy


California State University, Monterey Bay, Camp Sea Life
POC: Don Brutzman, MOVES Institute

Monterey County Science and Engineering Fair
NPS Faculty and students participate at judges
POC: Roberto Cristi, EC Dept.

Monterey Peninsula College - Marine Advanced Technology Education
NPS - Hartnell Community College Rocket Program   
POC - Oleg Yakimenko, MAE

Faculty Led Research and Outreach

Astronaut Outreach
POC - Jim Newman, SSAG

Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research
POC - Tim Chung, CRUSER

Cyber Adventurers POC - Sue Higgins, Cebrowski Institute

On campus events

Robots in the Roses
POC - Tim Chung, CRUSER

PhDs and Polka Dots
POC - Alison Kerr, Cebrowski Institute