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Published works

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Other publications

  • Brutzman, D., Chung, T.H., O’Neal, C., Ellis, J. and Englehorn, L. (2011). Future Unmanned Naval Systems Wargame Competition Final Report, NPS Technical Report NPS-USW-2011-001 released July 2011.

Recent presentations

  • Naval Undersea Warfare Command (NUWC) Site Visit, NPS. December, 2010
    • Guests: Dr. Pierre Corriveau, the Chief Technology Officer; Mr. Jim Griffin, Autonomous and Defensive Systems Department Head; Mr. Bob Manke, Strategic Assessment Analyst in the Office of Undersea Warfare; and Mr. John Burwell from the Keyport Division of NUWC
  • NPS Systems Engineering department seminar, NPS. October 2010
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Moss Landing, CA. August, 2010
    • POC: Dr. Kanna Rajan, Researcher for Autonomy
  • Military Operations Research Society Symposium, Quantico, VA. June, 2010
    • Key lecture at invited session on unmanned vehicles
  • UC Merced, Electrical and Computer Engineering department seminar, Merced, CA. April, 2010
  • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics University, Laurel, MD. March, 2010
  • USMC Operations Analysis Division, Quantico, VA. June, 2009
  • OPNAV N81, Pentagon, Washington, DC. June, 2009
  • IEEE Int'l. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Kobe, Japan. May, 2009
  • UC Berkeley, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department seminar, Berkeley, CA. April, 2009