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  • Capability Engineering (SE3250) – FA13
  • Network Concepts in Systems Engineering (SE4960) – FA13
  • Search Theory and Detection (OA3602) – WI09, WI11, FA12

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  • Advanced Robotic Systems (CS4313) – WI10, WI11, WI12

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Journal Club


Current students

  • LT Eric Shuey, USN, Physics, M.S.
  • LT Mika Shuey, USN, Physics, M.S.
  • LT Michael Smith, USN, Systems Engineering Analysis, M.S.
  • LT J.B. Zorn, USCG, Systems Engineering, M.S.
  • LT Timothy Stevens, USN, Operations Research, M.S.
  • Capt Uwe Gaertner, German Army, Operations Research, M.S.

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    • Doug Horner, Computer Science (dissertation committee member)
    • Michael Clement, Computer Science (dissertation committee member)

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    • Michael Day, Computer Science, M.S.
    • LT Thomas Dono, USMC, Operations Research, M.S.
    • LT Joses Meng Wee Yau, Singapore Navy, Undersea Warfare, M.S.
    • LTJG Umit Soylu, Turkish Navy, Computer Science, M.S.
    • Capt Riadh Hajri, Tunisian Air Force, Information Science, M.S.
    • LT Tim Rochholz, USN, Applied Physics, M.S.
    • Maj Christian Klaus, German Army, Operations Research, M.S.
    • LT Mauricio Muñoz, Chilean Navy, Operations Research, M.S.
    • LT Steven Halle, USN, Physics, M.S.
    • LT Jason Hickle, USN, Physics, M.S.
    • CAPT Mejdi Ben Ardhaoui, Tunisian Army, Computer Science, M.S.

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