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 - Recorded Trainings (created by NPS)

Download the Powerpoint file used in the training.


  • Software Echo Canceling - any speakers and microphones can be used, no need for hardware echo cancellation
  • Mobile apps - IOS and Android apps for Participants only, Moderators must continue to use a computer for full functionality
  • Improved User Interface with commonly used tools easier to access
  • Ability for users to join via Phone call, audio only

What about all of those Elluminate Live Recordings?

Since Elluminate Live! has reached end of life at NPS Elluminate Live! recordings are no longer be available streaming.  

To request a recording in a .jar file format (stand-alone recording):

  1. Find your desired recording(s) ID in the Spreadsheet (.xls, approx. 1MB)
  2. Send an email to and include:
    1. Recording ID 
    2. How you would like the resultant .jar file be transferred, options include:
      1. A Sakai site - Please specify full site title
      2. A CD/DVD
      3. Podcast Server - please specify desired folder

If the requestor is not a Moderator/Instructor in the session, a moderator will be contacted for distribution approval.


if you have questions or concerns not covered in these pages, please email