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Audio Setup Wizard (test your microphone and speakers)

Select the microphone icon in the Audio & Video window

Pages (Whiteboards)

Load Content

Select the Load Content button toward the top - right area of the Collaborate space

*** Before Loading Content, ensure the page your are on is a Public Page, if it is a private page the loaded content will be loaded into a private space and students will not be able to see that content.

If your PowerPoint Presentation is larger than 20 MB you may have to remove some large images, video or split it into several files. More info...


If you experience issues loading a PowerPoint slideshow into a Collaborate session in a Mac running the High Sierra OS, please use the following instructions:Collaborate Mac JPG PowerPoint Slide Conversion

Create a New (empty) Page

Select the New Page option toward the top of the whiteboard

Navigate Pages

Use the arrow keys to advance or go back a single page or the drop-down to go to a specific page 

Explore Pages

Exploring pages allows users with the proper permissions to rearrange and remove pages

Moving Pages within Page Explorer

You can use Page Explorer to rearrange Pages or move pages from one space to a another space; private to public or visa versa.

  • To rearrange slides within a single space you can just drag and drop the slides into their desired order
  • To move/copy slides from one space to another
    1. Highlight the slides you would like to move/copy (select the first, select the shift keyboard key and select the last)
    2. Right-mouse click on the selected slides and choose Selected Pages > Copy or Move (see first image to the right, click on image to enlarge)
    3. Highlight a page in the Main Room, typically the Public Page
    4. Right-mouse click on the selected slide and choose Selected Pages > Paste > After (see second image to the right, click on image to enlarge)

Pages Tools

The pages tools are in a floating toolbar with several options behind each button. To access each button's options select the button twice and hold your mouse button to expose all options and properties. Buttons from top down are:

  • Selection
  • Laser Pointer
  • Pen/Highlighter
  • Text (single line/multi-line)
  • Filled in shape (rectangle/ellipse)
  • Empty shape (rectangle/ellipse)
  • Line
  • Screen Capture
  • Clip Art



Select the Emoticon drop-down icon and choose your desired Emoticon

Stepping Away

Select the Stepped Away button to display notification that you have stepped away.  Select the same button again to remove your stepped away status.

Raising your Hand

Select the Raise your Hand button to indicate to the instructor (Moderator) that you have a question. Select the Raise your Hand button again to lower your hand,


Select the polling button and choose your desired polling response.  To remove your response select the None option.


Public Chat

To send a public chat, ensure the "Room" tab is selected, input the text into the chat area and select the Enter button on your keyboard to send the chat.

Chat Emoticons

Select the happy face icon in the chat area and select desired icon

Private Chat



Start Recording

If the Record button does not have a red dot, your session is not being recorded.  Select the Record button to start recording.

Stop Recording

if the Record button has a red dot, your session is being recorded.  Select the Record button to Stop recording.

Application Sharing

The option to share a portion of your desktop is no longer available

Start Sharing

Select the Application Sharing icon and select either your Entire Desktop or one or more applications (use the shift button to select multiple applications).

  • Minimized applications will not be found
  • Only applications open on your primary monitor can be shared

Stop Sharing

To stop application sharing you can either:

  • Select the Tools Menu > Application Sharing > Stop Sharing
  • or
  • Select the Square icon in the yellow box around your shared application
  • or
  • Expand your Collaborate area and select Stop Sharing or switch back to either Pages or Web Tour

Web Tour


Start a Web Tour

Select the Web Tour icon to start a web tour.

Stop a Web Tour

Switch back to Application Sharing or Pages to exit the Web Tour.



Permission Icons

icon meanings from left to right are:

  • Audio (can students turn on their microphone)
  • Video (can students turn on their web camera)
  • Chat (can students chat to anyone other than a moderator)
  • Whiteboard (can student draw on the whiteboard)
  • Application Sharing (can students application share their desktop)
  • Web Tour (Can students initiate and control a Web Tour session)

Individual Permissions

Permissions can be controlled by user. When you hover your mouse over an individual user their individual permissions icons appear and can be select to enable/disable tool specific permission for that student. Permissions different form the global permissions will continue to display when your mouse is not over that person.

You can also change individual permissions using the drop-down menu with every user in your session.

Global Permissions

Global permissions for all students can be set by using the icons next to the Room descriptor. Icons with a red X means students do not have that permission. Selecting an icon enables/disables that permission for all students. When students are moved to breakout rooms these permissions may need to be modified for desired setup. Permissions shown are default.




The timer allows moderators to have a count up or down timer available to just them or everyone. It is good for:

  • Class Breaks
  • Student Presentations
  • Letting everyone know when class will start

Starting the Timer

Select the Information icon toward the top right of the Collaborate Session and select Start Timer


Panels include Participants, Chat, Audio & Video. All can can be expanded and collapsed or detached and moved around outside the Collaborate window. Panel status and location is person specific so one person's actions does not affect others in the session.


You can retract a panel by selecting the triangle to the left of the panel title. if the triangle is pointed down the panel is expanded, if it's pointing to the right the panel is collapsed with minimal information being displayed. A collapsed panel can be expanded by selecting the arrow.

Panel Collapsed

Panel Collapsed


You can detach panels by selecting the panel at it's title and dragging it off of the Side Bar. A Panel can be returned to the side bar by dragging it back over the side bar.

The side bar can be removed by removing the check from the menu item View > Show Side Bar. The side bar would need to be displayed again for a panel to be returned to the side bar.

Breakout Rooms

Use the menu item Tools > Breakout Rooms to perform most breakout rooms functions.


Creating and Distributing

To create breakout rooms and optionally distribute participants use the menu Tools > Breakout Rooms > Create Breakout Rooms….

Menu item Tools > Breakout Rooms > Create Breakout Rooms

Moving between Rooms

With option to for Moderators to "Allow Participants to move themselves to Breakout Rooms" Moderators can always drag and drop users between rooms by selecting a user in the Participants panel and drag and drop that users to the desired room.

Return Everyone to Main Room