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  • Creating a Collaborate Session

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Go into the Collaborate Tool in your Sakai site and select the Create Session Link toward the top right of the page

The pop-up should appear on your page with the Information Tab highlighted allowing you to input a titlestart date/timeend date/time and Early Entry time.

Start and End times adjust to you: an instructor on the East coast can create a session to begin at 1500 and students on the west coast will see that the session begins at 1200.

Using the Options Tab you can specify additional options about the session
And the Options Tab allows you to determine what, if any, content is pre-loaded
Once you are happy with the settings, select the Create Session button at the bottom of the pop-out
Once the session is created, you should get notification in the pop-out that the Session has Successfully Been Created.  If the session is currently available the title should also show up in the list of sessions.
You can Edit or Delete a session by selecting the title and, in the pop-out, select the Edit or Delete buttons.