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NPS Central Authentication Service Help

Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School Central Authentication Service (CAS) self help website

Here you will find helpful resources to successfully authenticate to the application you wish to access. 

CAS is a central logon service that enables you to access multiple applications by typing your username and password credentials one time. Once logged into CAS, you can visit any web application that uses CAS authentication without having to log on again. View our Frequently Asked Page to review what web applications have been CAS enabled.

The number of web applications requiring authentication continues to grow at the Naval Postgraduate School. CAS provides a means for these applications to remain secure while not inconveniencing you with having to log on to every service. This method also improves security by simplifying the procedures an application needs to follow in order to perform authentication. And most importantly, CAS reduces the risk of username and password exposure by only requiring the transmission of this information once.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Do you have a question about NPS' CAS solution?  Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers.