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Modules (discontinued in v. 12) v.10.7

How to






How to Import Modules into Lessons - 12.1

  1. Go to your course in Sakai and Click “Lessons” on the left side menu
  2. At the top of the page, click on  “More Tools” and select “Import CC/CP” 
  3. Click “Choose file
  4. From the Finder window that pops up find the exported zip file on your computer
  5. Click “Import”
  6. The imported modules will appear in the left side menu
  7. Any text from the “Description/Overview or Objectives,” "Instrucare of Modules will not be imported into Lessons


If you do not see the copied content in the TO site, please wait a minute, if there is a lot of content it may take a few minutes time to complete the copy.

Can I copy materials from Resources in Sakai to MS Teams?

You can use the WebDAV feature to move or copy content from Sakai to Microsoft Teams

WebDav (Upload/download multiple resources) issues


  • Messages – emails can be sent to just one group of people
  • Resources - Only group members can view and access foldersDiscussion
  • Forums - only group members know of it's existanceForums – give permissions based on group enrollment
  • Announcements - set to display to particular group members
  • Calendar – events can be displayed to particular group members
  • Assignments
  • Tests & Quizzes
  • Roster - List by group membership
  • Gradebook - Filter results by group


  • Go to the folder in the Resources area you would like to limit
  • Under the Actions drop down, choose Edit Folder Permissions
  • Give desired permissions by using the checkboxes in the Students column (own - only documents that student has posted, any - any document in that folder)




Discussion Forums and Forums can be limited to specific groups.  

When creating or editing the Discussion Forum select "Allow Access to Selected Groups" and check the groups who should have access. 

For Forums when creating or change changing Forum Settings select the group or role and choose a permissions template (Author, Contributor, None, ...) or create custom settings.

  • Changing permissions applies to the role or group currently highlighted
  • Permissions are additive so if a user is in a role and a group they will get the least restrictive (i.e. for group forums increase group permissions and reduce student permission)

Also see What's the difference between Discussion Forums and Forums?


The Sakai Wiki tool is wide open to everyone and does not utilize groups, but is a great collaboration mechanism. 


  • Feedback: set the type of feedback for assessment questions and the time (if applicable) participants will be able to see the feedback. Disallowing participant access to feedback can be useful if feedback will be used for grading purposes (for example, for TA reference when grading). Note: if Immediate Feedback is selected, participants will be able to see the feedback as they are answering the questions, before they submit their final answers. Immediate Feedback can be useful for practice questions/quizzes, so participants can get hints for the questions as they are going along. Allowing participants to see correct answers immediately in a graded assessment is not recommended, as this allows them to change their answers before submission.* Grading: specify information available for graders and whether or not the assessment appears in Sakai' Gradebook. Please see the following documentation for a complete description of the Grading and Feedback Options.
  • Graphics: give your assessment a background color or background image. Click to choose a background color from a palette. Enter the URL for your image for a background image.
  • Metadata: enter metadata for your assessment and allow the recording of metadata for questions.


Each chat room has Options that control how much chat message history is displayed and whether students can change that amount. 
If set to Recent Chat History is set to "Show no message history" and the "Allow chat participants to change the chat display settings for their own chat window" is unchecked, chat items will not appear.  If a person leaves the chat room, all previous chat items will not be visible.
All chat item are being retained and the instructor can re-enable visibility at any time.






and Private Messages has been discontinued and replaced by Forums - 12.1

  • The hierarchy for Forums is Forums at the top level, >then Topic, >then Conversation. 
  • By default, students can ONLY create a new Conversation, not Topics or Forums, but that can be modified in the settings. 
  • Also by default, a Forum is not available to students until a Topic is added.
  • Forums has very granular permissions options based on groups and roles.  Permissions are additive so a user will gain permissions from their group and role.


Why are HTML codes showing up when posting to the Discussion Forums? - 2.7

We have improved the Discussion Forums to display all common html codes so the instructions below have been depreciated.  Older posts may need to be edited and re-saved to reflect the changes.



Formatting which should be successful

Formatting which will probably result in exposed .html code

  • Bold (<b>)
  • Underline (<u>)
  • Italics (<i>)
  • Lists (bulleted and numbered) (<ul>, <ol>, <li>)
  • Hard returns (<br>)
  • Paragraphs (<p>)
  • Links (<a href="">)
  • Most ascii characters (¾
  • Modified text color (<font>, <span>, <div>)
  • Modified text background colors (<span>, <div>)
  • Modified text size and styles (<span>, <div>)
  • Tables (<tr>, <td>)
  • Headings (<h1>, <h2>...)
  • Superscript/Subscript (<sup>, <sub>)
  • Aligning text (<center>, <span>)
  • Indented text (<blockquote>)


Students can edit their own posts at any time by using the Edit button toward the top right corner of the topic/post and Instructors can edit or delete any student's topic/posts by using the edit button or the X button.

Also, if you are copy/pasting from MS Word, please see the Rich Text Area suggestion.


What's the difference between a course site and a project site? - 2.6


If the video is in your or another course site, if the video is in another Course, Project or My Workspace site, make sure the students have access to that video by making it public or enrolling the students into that other site (not available for My Workspace) and follow the directions on the CED3 Video Embed Script page.these directions:

1. Go to Resources

2. Click the ACTIONS button next to OS3680: Naval Tactical Analysis (FA19_51_KL) Resources (EXAMPLE COURSE)


4. Go to the file you uploaded in resources and press the ACTIONS button next to it and choose EDIT DETAILS

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click FILE DETAILS

6. Copy the entire URL of the file.  (Example: the syllabus file URL is:

7. Go to section of Sakai site where embed code needs to be placed (I'll use OVERVIEW as the example)

8. In OVERVIEW, select EDIT

9. Within the Text Editor, select SOURCE

10. Paste this embed code within SOURCE:

<video controls="" width="100%"><source src="" type="video/mp4" /></video>

11.  The text highlighted in red needs to be the video file URL you need to embed

12. Once proper embed code has been added, click UPDATE OPTIONS

13. Video player should appear within OVERVIEW

Additional Tools

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