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Parts which would be difficult (or impossible) to machine can be readily printed as a single part.  Some post-printing work may be necessary to remove support material.  Since the part is built in the vertical direction, one slice at a time, it may be necessary to have a sacrificial support structure on which to build.  Any cantilevered feature would need this, for example.  The following figures show the CAD model and the 3D part of a female head printed for MOVES as a part of their studies on tangible 3D virtual humans (Dr. Amela Sadagic);  an MAE Spacecraft Robotics platform (Dr. Marcello Romano) using a number of 3D-printed parts for the structure, and a Physics Robotics (Dick Harkins) project that utilizes a number of 3D parts for housings, and working parts such as the 'whegs' that propel the platform over terrain and obstacles.  Sometimes, a simple bracket is needed to hold an instrument or sensor, such as the figure below with an inertial measurement unit mounted by an RP bracket (1 hour, 11 minutes to build) on a pendulum for a thesis project (Xiaoping Yun, advisor).


 NPSAT1 Half-Scale Model Assembly.