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Outstanding Items

Michael McCarrin
  • Create guide for imaging station in DEEP lab.
  • Meet with Vexterra about transitioning BEfriend algorithm to sponsor's environment.
  • Create poster for netsci.
  • Attend Netsci and present poster on BEFriend.
  • Attend SITREP of sponsor contractors.
  • Contact DHS about listing the RDC in Impact CyberTrust.
  • Create and distribute course announcement for CS4330.
  • Revised and submitted ASE paper.
  • Responded to RDC inquiry
  • Create and deliver IPR to Sponsor on July 6
  • Meeting schedule for thesis students in the summer
  • Get money for lab.
  • Transfer 5 inventory items to DIA (waiting on Steve Boyd)
  • Coordinate shipment of phones (waiting on Steve Boyd).
  • Write up feedback on Vexterra GUI and send to Greg O.
  • Finalize sakai page for CS4330.
  • Review paper for Journal of Forensic Sciences.


  • Follow up with Erin Kenneally about listing RDC in Impact Cybertrust.
Bruce Allen
  • Fixed hashdb 3.0.0 crashing bug with hashdb 3.1.0. Provided new SectorScope 0.7.1 for compatibility with new hashdb 3.1.0.
  • Identfied that RocksDB would be a viable solution for hashdb in a big-data environment. An actual implementation would require design changes, tuning, testing, and timing analysis, see hashdb Wiki entry.
  • Helped Research Associate Mike Bailey get started running Beryllium BE-Scan in the
  • HPC Spark Grace compute node cluster available at NPS.
  • Began a lightgrep scanner implementation to replace the slower Flex scanner code in Beryllium BE-Scan. The goal is to significantly improve scan performance while enabling use in a big-data environment.
  • Began preparing a simple lightgrep wrapper to encapsulate the liblightgrep interface. This simplified interface will significantly ease porting scanners to work in Beryllium BE-Scan
  • .Helped NPS student Timothy Andrzejewski (TJ) with setting up the Python environment used by Beryllium BE-Scan so that TJ can perform data analysis.
Tom Batcha   
Mike Bailey
  • Apache Avro compression tool development
  • Avro compression tests

  • Integration with be_scan code

  • Spark routine to compress entire directory in parallel

Jean Khosalim   
Brittany Ramsey
  • Update new wiki pages
  • IRB protocol amendments
  • GIT Repository July Monthly Report / LaTex document prep
  • Weekly group email update with research tasks for individuals
  • USENIX conference approval, registration, travel
  • DIA DEEP Account (RVKNJ) + DIA Reverse Engineering (RCKUY) Plans 
  • RDC Access for Karen Renaud - University of Glasgow - UK. Working through DHS Impact Cyber Trust
  • GPUs for Grace - plan and track with ITACS
  • Purchase Tracking
  • Country clearances for travel
  • USENIX travel planning
  • DFRWS travel
  • Monthly sponsor reports
  • Manage funding and purchases for EOY
  • Potential RDC access agreements
  • Weekly updates for research group with Tasks in Progress included
  • EOY labor planning and account funds management
  • Remind Michael to pay for IEEE in order to be reimbursed
  • Send email to Bret regarding spend plan
  • GPUs for Grace
  • AWS
  • Waiting on EOY student purchases